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redguard supremacy
last name shepard, first name commander

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inquisitor[s] inquirin'

ask me about qunari pon farr

always taking fic prompts, like literally always (prompts featuring ocs especially)

i want to sympathise with cullen fans sometimes and then i look at my url

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  2. barnesjamesbarnes said: I vastly prefer Lucian to Reaver, though both are compelling villains. I just find Lucian more *likable*, if that’s the word I’m looking for (it’s not, but close enough). Lucian was driven by grief, Reaver’s just a dick. (gosh i love Fable villains)
  3. callmemonstrous said: reaver tho…….maaaaaaaaaaaan
  4. knight-artorias said: I have a great big soft spot in my heart for Lucien. I used to be all REAVER REAVER REAVER, but those days are long past.
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